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A New Paradigm of Psychiatry: (re)Integrating Mind, Brain and Body

Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D. offers you a life enhancing experience of transformative psychiatry. She weaves together an understanding of what we all have in common, and, simultaneously, what makes each of us unique. In the context of an evolving trusted relationship, we can realize the foundational elements for a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

Today is the era of a new psychiatry, in which novel interventions are constructed for each person, because each of us has a unique story and context. The most precious resources – time and deep personal knowledge – author the most powerful interventions. Those interventions, anchored in a relationship, add biologic value as potent as any pill or surgical procedure.

In developing a new paradigm of psychiatry: (re)Integrating Mind, Brain and Body, Dr. Stangler returns to the roots of psychiatry, in which the therapeutic relationship is sacred.

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Activating the Power of Epigenetics Psychiatry

Epigenetics provides a framework for understanding the present, taking action and fostering measurable change.

Epigenetics is how our behavior, psychological state and lifestyle affect health, wellbeing and longevity. While the DNA of our genes is fixed, its impact is not. We can turn off and on the expression of our genes.

Through epigenetics we control change and the rate of change. Psychological therapies are epigenetic interventions. Medications and supplements are epigenetic interventions. So are nutrition, physical activity, sleep and managing stress.

Beyond laboratory science and traditional physical medicine, Dr. Stangler respects the power of purpose and celebrates the importance of social connections and community. She understands the healing potential of spiritualitynature, music, art and environment. These are all epigenetic variables which profoundly affect our physical and emotional health and longevity.

Epigenetics is a cornerstone of precision medicine enabling us to design unique interventions for each individual based on our biology, environment, history and personal circumstances.

When stress is out of control, when mental and emotional health are in disarray, all other lifestyle factors are negatively impacted. New epigenetic technologies allow us to quantify the impact of life choices and behavior on our health and to monitor change, including our functional age and our rate of aging. And we can slow and even reverse these numbers by multiple interventions.

By incorporating the science underlying change, Dr. Stangler helps you realize tremendous opportunity for growth. Understanding and addressing the interplay of emotional, cognitive and physical challenges is liberating and transformative.

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“It's all too easy to dismiss the future.
People confuse what's impossible today with what's impossible tomorrow”

George Church American Geneticist

“You can't rush the science, but when the science points you in the right direction,
then you can start rushing”

Anthony Fauci Chief Medical Advisor to the President of United States - retired

“A brain scan may reveal the neural signs of anxiety, but a Schiele self-portrait reveals how anxiety feels. Both are necessary if we are to fully grasp the nature of the mind.”

Eric Kandel Nobel Prize Laureate - Medicine