photograph of Rich Roll manifesting his Mastering Mindfulness Meditation Masterclass

Mastering Mindfulness: A Meditation Masterclass

n.b. The post below reflects an extremely thoughtful and comprehensive review of mindfulness in its various forms, as vetted by the masterful Rich Roll. As he notes in his introduction: “We all want to find peace. We all want to experience contentment. And most of all, we all want to be happy. So why are these states so elusive?”

The post reflects a compilation of highlights of the field’s experts, collected during years of Mr. Roll’s podcasts. And Rich Roll is a master himself.

Without the solid foundation of mental well-being, there is no amount of movement, nutrition, sleep or any other epigenetic intervention that will support the quality lives to which we all aspire. In the words of Mr. Roll: “Developing a meditation practice is the greatest gift you can give yourself”.

It is an essential epigenetic intervention.

I hope this excellent resource will inspire and serve you well. rss

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The core pillars of the Rich Roll podcast are the power of diet, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle changes, to radically change your life. Underappreciated is the power of meditation to achieve a lasting state of inner peace and tranquility.

From reducing stress and anxiety to improving immune function and sleep quality, meditation has been shown to positively impact our brain and body. More so, meditation has a transformative power to nurture both mind and soul.

This episode is a veritable masterclass on all things mindfulness, featuring some of the most inspiring and enlightening discussions I’ve had with experts in the field of meditation.

From learning how to cultivate a daily practice to exploring the neuroscience behind the benefits of meditation, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice guaranteed to inform and enlighten the novice and the seasoned meditator.

If the voices you’ve heard here have spoken to you, please consider going back to the original episodes to gain further insights from these amazing teachers. Many of the guests speaking about meditation here have written valuable books that amplify their perspectives and philosophy. You can check out their respective episodes below:

The visually inclined can watch it all unfold on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

For each of us to minimize our own suffering, and to contribute to minimizing the suffering of others, meditation is a useful, practical, easier-than-it-seems application.

My hope is that you use this compilation episode as an inspiration and jumping-off point for further inquiry and, an ever-deepening practice.

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