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Dr. Stangler was honored to be present last week with Shari and Garen Staglin at the debut of the Harvard Business School case study, “Between Two Minds: The Staglin Family”, she co-authored with Professor Lauren Cohen.

Influenced by the major mental health diagnosis of their son Brandon Staglin as a college freshman, the Staglins launched a non-profit organization in 1995 to bridge gaps that they encountered in mental health research funding and patient support.

Since then, One Mind has become a powerhouse, a singular brain health nonprofit committed to healing lives of people impacted by brain illness and injury through global, collaborative action. At the helm of their groundbreaking work is Brandon, now the President of One Mind.

The case study focuses on the issue of succession, as Garen, acting CEO, prepares to step down from this extraordinarily effective and prodigious family enterprise.

The MBA students who engaged in discussion about inherent complex and sensitive issues were touched and inspired by this family’s values and commitment, both to their work, but, foremost, to each other. 

Confronting a potentially devastating chronic illness, this family chose hope, they chose integrity, they chose science and social responsibility. 

And the world is now a better place. We are all grateful.